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How to Determine an Ill-fitting Bra

(The final group of pictures are from around the internet. All photos of bras, as well as the bra-related product, are taken from JCPenney’s online catalog; I figured that they probably allocate less money for Photoshopping compared to what Victoria’s Secret has in their budget. Plus, Victoria’s Secret has been torn apart pretty well by bra bloggers already, and we do need to help keep up their reputation for providing bags that become popular HS textbook covers!)


1. The bra band gets pulled up by the bra straps and rides up your back. (The band is too big.)

Left is ill-fitting (bad), right is quite good.

2. The center gore (the part of the bra between the cups) does not lie flat against your body–often described by bra bloggers as “flush against your sternum”. (The band is too big.)

3. The underwire (for wired bras) does not lie firmly against your body. (The band is too big.)

4. Breast tissue escapes to the side, creating an impression of “underarm fat” or “armpit fat”. (The band is too big, the cup is too small, you haven’t scooped your flesh into your bra cups, or any combination of the above.)

5. The cups can’t contain your breast tissue; flesh spills out of the top, sides, or bottom, which might result in a “quadraboob effect” if the top of the cup divides each boob into two :(. (The cups are too small.)

6. You have pain in your shoulders and/or back. (The band is too big; since the band isn’t supporting your breasts as it should, the weight hangs onto your shoulders and back.)
(It’s a little hard to find a picture of this, but if you need to use the below products because of your bra then you probably have this problem.)

Okay, I might be getting a little silly with these last ones.

Notice that most of these problems are that the band is too loose; this is the case for most women. The fitter who helped me at Journelle said this: “Since you’re used to wearing a band that’s much too loose, a proper-size band might feel really tight. As long as you can hook it and breathe, though, it’s not too tight.” has this advice: “If the band is leaving an imprint the way socks and underwear do, that’s fine. If the band is leaving bruises, it’s too small.”

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