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Why the Bilingualism? / Parts of a Bra 胸圍的結構

Why am I putting Chinese posts in an English-language blog that only proficient English-speakers/readers will easily navigate?

One of my goals in maintaining a multilingual environment is to facilitate exchanges and conversation between people of different languages. For example, I am much more comfortable in English than in Chinese in most topics of conversation, but Mom is in the opposite situation. If I want to talk to her about bras, I need some basis in Chinese terminology and customs, but my Chinese isn’t at the level where I can google (or baidu; is that a verb yet?) in Chinese and navigate without aspirin (as such, anyone notices any humiliating Chinese language-y mistakes, please do let me know!).

With CurvyHK, however, I’m hoping to provide an English-language path to information in Chinese, so that readers can pass on and distribute information to other people who are more comfortable in another language. This aspect of the site is for people in my type of linguistic situation:
“Mom! You should check this out!”
“(in a different language) Hon, I have no idea what this means.

I also realized that I’ve been making up Chinese terms for bra (and breast) parts when there is definitely an established vocabulary out there. Subsequent to that realization, I decided to brave Chinese Google and find out what Chinese communities and companies have to say about bra construction! (…and I’ll go back to the published Chinese post and edit in the proper terms)

Below is an English/Chinese bilingual breakdown of the different names of the structural parts of a bra.

Parts of a Bra 胸圍的結構

A. cup 罩杯/胸杯
B. center gore 胸心
C. underwire 金屬托
D. wing/side panel (refers to the fabric that makes up this section) 側翼
E. band 背帶
F. strap 肩帶
G. clip 調節扣
H. closure/hook 勾扣

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2 thoughts on “Why the Bilingualism? / Parts of a Bra 胸圍的結構

  1. I just wanted to say – I love what you’re doing! Looking forward to reading more posts! 🙂 x

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