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eternalvoyageur, the writer of one of my all-time favorite blogs, Venusian*Glow, has graciously given me permission to translate her post on bra styles into Chinese. It’s a great resource that’s enlightening but gets straight to the point; read the original post in English here.







平台罩杯 Balconette:
罩杯上邊是直橫綫。縫法的目的是要從下面向上承托乳房。 肩帶可能在中間或旁邊。罩杯可高可低,不過平台罩杯一定平的。


低胸罩杯 Plunge:


So sorry this next post took so long in coming! Translating and editing was quite a challenge, and rl has been particularly distracting lately. Plus I bought my first handheld console last week (a purchase much related to the frustration wrought by said rl distractions) and have been feeding my gamer side with regular doses of fun fun games.

Perspectives: On how availability impacts bra-ly knowledge

I was (somehow) on the topic of bras or something with my friends in college early this year, and they both mentioned they were 20something D, or DD. My response: “I don’t think those exist!”. And when I later learned my proper bra size and ventured into bra-selling spaces, I was proven right–those bras really don’t exist. It’s hard enough to get a 32 that’s not an A or B, let alone 30 or 28 (a fully impossible mission in department stores). And if their 20somethings were 26, that’s hard to get even from online specialty shops overseas. Their ribcages are tiny; I would actually not be too surprised if they turned out to be 26s.

With a majority of women who don’t look into bra sizing, who don’t look past products hanging on department racks, who simply grab a pretty-looking bra in the vicinity of where they bought their last bra, how does the custom of offering only the same 6 bra bands at limited cups help women outside that tiny range reach the understanding that back sizes actually vary towards the smaller end of the spectrum as well, and that they often need to be there? This isn’t about stigmas of “D-cup is huge! Anything higher is from surgery!” or “You’re only sub-34 at puberty or at anorexic twig-form”. This is about how popular physical retailers don’t carry even a moderate range of sizes, and how that created a circumstance that blocked me from understanding my body and the things I put it in.

Review: Victoria’s Secret (Bra and Online Clothing Purchases)

(their website; their yelp)

I never got fitted here. First, it had always been awkward just for non-shopaholic, undergarment-underappreciater me to walk past. Second, while I was learning about bra-fittings, I was also learning about how flawed Victoria’s Secret’s fittings are.

I went to the VS in Cupertino’s Vallco Mall and asked for styles in 32DD. “Sure!” The salesgirl started pulling bras out of the drawer by the fitting rooms. I was pretty impressed by how many different styles there were until she handed them to me. “Um, these are 36s. I need a 32 band.”

In their defense (of that store and its employees, not Victoria’s Secret in general), the salesgirl was friendly and cheerful. She didn’t hesitate to go back to the drawer and get the 32s for me (much fewer in number of styles, of course; there were three) but the fact that she wasn’t the kind of person who could tell I’m not about to wear a 36-band bra is rather telling of the (lack of) expertise of VS employees. I guess they’re used to selling 34s and 36s to everyone.

The bra itself is unremarkable (both in the sense that it’s not special and in the sense that I have no remarks about it).


I really really like VS clothing from the site. It really sucks that they don’t sell their clothing in physical stores because I would definitely appreciate being able to try the clothes on before buying them. I ordered five shirts last summer and still have all of them, although three of them need to either be altered or sold.

Two are t-shirts; one dark navy and one light coral-y pink. They’re “Cap-sleeve Sweetheart Tees”, and I love them so much that I’ve completely worn them out. There are unyielding stains and broken threads on both, and VS has stopped selling them. Poor me T__T


The other three are “bra tops”; there’s an attached shelf bra inside of each shirt. I have a green one, a purple one, and a peach lacey one. They are beautiful but as soon as I put them on I feel completely indecent. The shelf bra needs to end much lower and the neckline needs to be a bit higher… I fall right out because there is simply not enough room 😦 I guess these are meant for much smaller busts. I wore them indoors every now and then anyway, but now I’m wondering if there’s a way to alter them. If I can fix this “they push my boobs out of the shirt” problem (maybe by somehow un-bra-topping them), they would be gorgeous AND wearable!

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