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Review: narue Princess Silk 3/4 Bra

This is the black-over-nude bra that I bought from Kaori’s Closet.

This was my first “good-fit” bra, and although I’m no longer this size, I still can’t help the occasional urge to wear it; in fact, I have it on right now. (In my defense, I’m not doing anything but sitting at home doing computer work today; one day of iffy support won’t hurt. Also, my obsession with using em-dashes has evidently translated directly into an obsession with semi-colons.)

The material of the lined cups is a very comfortable and soft cotton. The wings are some synthetic mesh-y material, but very soft, and the straps are your standard cotton elastic.

It’s a pretty basic high-ish half-cup bra with a low center gore. This works for me but it might not for people who need the strong separation. It comes with removable cushions (which I have never used because I tend to fervently favor less cleavage). The black trim kind of hides quadraboob issues (^^;) and helps camouflage under low cut black tops (or terrifyingly low cut graduation dress that aren’t actually designed to be low cut but don’t take into account 35+ inch overbusts on short Asian torsos!). The straps are not fully adjustable; only the back half is, but it’s never presented a problem for me.

The design is, as I mentioned in my Kaori’s Closet review, totally gorgeous. Honestly, it’s probably a luxury brand (it’s priced luxuriously enough). Beautiful mesh netting over the cups, trim around the edges and additional decorative accents between the cups and wings and on the center gore. The non-adjustable section of the straps is a unique double ribbon; it looks cool enough to be decent if it shows.

The one I have is a 32DD (so… pretty off but some days I have no clean bras and/or just don’t care). It’s available from a 30 band and I think goes up to a G (seems discontinued maybe so I guess let’s put that last sentence in the past tense). However, being a Japanese brand, I’m not sure how I’d be able to find anything else from narue without going back to Kaori’s Closet or learning Japanese and ordering through rakuten or Japanese Yahoo!Marketplace.

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2 thoughts on “Review: narue Princess Silk 3/4 Bra

  1. I finally visited Kaori’s Closet this past Sunday and was introduced to Narue, so I’m thrilled to find your review to link to. I didn’t realize you’re in NYC. We’ll have to have a blogger meetup!

    • I’m glad you got to visit Kaori’s Closet. What did you think?

      Unfortunately, I’m no longer in New York, but who knows, I may find my way back! I’d love to join in on a blogger meetup, though; what an amazing excuse/reason that would be to fly back east. 🙂

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