Asian-chested is not an oxymoron

Back from Hiatus

Yes, I’d basically abandoned this blog for the last several months. Part of the hiatus was rushing around doing other stuff, and part of it was just the loss of novelty of keeping a bra blog. I’m back in the game, though!

What’s been up lately, life-wise:
-Applying to jobs and starting my first post-college part-time (First day today! It was exciting. And really confusing.)
-Researching graduate programs (I have a good list of programs that I want to apply to… in three years or so.)
-Culturally educating myself (meaning lots of TV. 90% of which is Joss Whedon.)
-Nearly regular hanging-outness with friends. Nowhere near as frequent or convenient as in college but not bad, considering.
-Genuine attempts to shop.
-A lack of videogaming in the past few months (?!?! Will absolutely be rectified in the coming weeks. Slightly.)
-A mass throwing-out of clothes for the first time. I tossed stuff that I’ve kept since elementary school! Lots of old t-shirts, holey and torn stuff, worn-to-transparency jeans, baggy and terrible-looking stuff in general. There was a lot. And now I don’t really have much clothing. I still have pretty great bras, though!

Updates, bra-wise:
-I’ve been in financial denial that I’m spilling out of my 28G. It’s not so noticeable on my 30s because the quadraboob is hidden by the designs on the bras, but my M&Ss and even the Curvy Kate are not allowing any argument. I went onto figleaves with the intent to just look but they had a Thanksgiving discount so I ordered two right away. I really hope one cup size up is enough!
-The above means that successful attempt to shop (+1) and reviews to be written (+3). Two new bras and one experience!
-Remember those three VicSec uniboob bra tops that pushed my boobs up to my chin? Cut the elastic and ta-da, three new shirts!

Goals, blog-wise:
-Read regularly! Meaning reading blogs AND reading my own material (novels, research articles, foreign language readers, etc. I swear I’m not as eclectic a person as my choice of reading material is.)
-Blog regularly! I’ll shoot for one post a week.
-Find ways to promote CurvyHK. The search terms that bring people here and the wonderful Cheryl who came here via reddit (which was pretty AWESOME, thank you bunches to whoever linked me) are making me realize that yes, the things I write are relevant and maybe even useful.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus

  1. I’m glad you’re back! πŸ˜€ It’s great to have a blog to refer people to who are facing the same types of issues (that was me on reddit! :))

    Looking forward to your new posts! (And, you’re a gamer? What do you play?)

    • Thanks so much!

      I’m a very casual gamer–I actually prefer watching other people play (Uncharted is like a really long, really awesome movie to me). I really like Japanese RPGs (I grew up on Final Fantasy) and have a few of them for PS2 and (3)DS. I think I’m going to work on Star Ocean 4 and Secret Files of Tunguska. πŸ™‚ Are you a gamer?

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