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Review: Journelle

Review: Journelle
(their website; their facebook; yelp)

Journelle was the other bra boutique in Manhattan (besides Kaori’s Closet) that I chose to be fitted at. It’s located right next to Union Square but is far away enough that there isn’t really traffic on that particular street. Yelp has some photos of the storefront. It looks pretty classy inside, not that I really took any time at all to look around myself, but since I’d had that first exhilarating fitting experience already, I wasn’t as intimidated as I could have been.

I marched straight towards the salespeople at the register. I think they might have realized my (slightly abated!) ignorance-fueled desperation, because one of them came straight up and asked me if I needed help. I answered in the affirmative and she grinned. “Yeah, thought so. You look like a girl on a mission!!”

I used the same method as I’d used in Kaori’s closet (“purple shirt, help me underneath it please!”). She took me to the back, where there were several really luxurious and comfortable fitting rooms. Lots of online reviewers liken the store and rooms to a spa; never having spa’d before, I can’t make a comparison, but it was very, very pamper-y.

The fitter measured me with a tape and told me I was between 32 DD and 32DDD (same verdict as Kaori’s Closet. am I drawing too many comparisons between these two?). She brought back lots of bras in those and neighboring sizes (good sign!) in various blacks, darks and nudes. She really focused on giving me a good, comfortable and accurate fit as well as meeting my goal of not having the bra show under the lace shirt. Lots of good fitting advice: start on the loosest hook and go in as the bra relaxes; the bra feels too tight now because you’re used to a loose fit; your bra usually rides up right? loose band’s fault. She really put in a lot of effort, and I felt completely taken care of. I started feeling bad because I was trying so many on, but she just kept at it: “It looks pretty good, but I guess that nude is a little too bright. I’ll go get a darker one.”

A fitter who goes back into hunt mode because a well-fitting nude is too bright for the shirt I want to wear? GOLD!!!

Also, no mention at all of matching panties/anything: props! From me, at least.

The bras were all full price and really expensive. Three dollar signs on Yelp; some of the bras were over $100. Didn’t stop me from trying them on, but they were definitely eliminated as potential purchases from the beginning.

I came out with a 32E Chantelle “Rive Gauche T-shirt Bra” in cappuccino–review to come soon. I think I can review it honestly despite the fact that it doesn’t actually fit too well anymore.

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