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2012, Through the Lens of My Bras

January – March:

My final semester of university began.
Thoughts: I didn’t actually think too much about bras.
Bra size: 34B and 34C.
Bra fit: Badly-fitting. Rode up my back every day. I pulled at my backband several times a day. I noticed this habit a lot when hanging out in my friends’ common room and kitchen. Underwire traveled up my breast, and I’d tug down on that too. My straps constantly fell down.
Laundry habits: Washer and dryer, in a mesh bag, thrown in with all my other clothes, normal/harsh settings. (Previous to this year, it was handwash and hang-dry because ALL of my clothing was handwash and hang-dry. I was fighting the laundry-card institution at our university.)
Bra mindset: I’m definitely bustier than other Asians but I’m not that big. B sounds like a nice letter.


I was getting mentally prepared for graduation (the ceremony, not the concept. I will never admit to the concept.)
Thoughts: I wanted to treat myself to something nice. With graduation looming and a dress for the occasion coming into view, I wanted something nicer to match what went under the dress.
Bra size: 32DD-E, as measured by Kaori’s Closet and Journelle.
Bra fit: Better-fitting. My band finally stopped traveling. It felt incredibly tight but I came to enjoy the feeling of actual security. My straps stayed up!
Laundry habits: No change.
Bra mindset: Nope, I am absolutely not in a 34B.
Special events: I got professionally fitted!


I left the east coast and my life as a student.
Thoughts: I became interested in bras/lingerie and discovered a vast and welcoming bra-blogosphere.
Bra size: Back size went down to 30. Cup letter went up to F, then FF.
Bra fit: Well-fitting. Heeding the songs of bra-bloggers, I paid attention to the gore, the band and the straps.
Laundry habits: Still normal detergent. Handwash and hang-dry in the sun. There was actual sun and an actual outside to hang stuff in!
Bra mindset: I got a bit confused about my ribcage measurement going down so much. It wasn’t frightening so much as “aww man, my selection is even smaller”.
Special events: I was so inspired by the blogs I was reading that I made this one.


I finally began working a part-time job.
Thoughts: I got really invested in lingerie. A lot of my time and energy went into thinking about not just the practical, but also the social and cultural aspects of bras and breasts.
Bra size: Band size went down to 28 (ribcage measurements are regularly moving between 29 and 28). I thought I overshot the cup letter to GG, which was true in some cases, but not in others; I’m still learning about brand-to-brand sizing habits.
Bra fit: Well-fitting, in general. There are some experiments that are not perfect.
Laundry habits: Switched to Johnson’s baby wash. Handwash and lay out to dry on a towel in my room.
Bra mindset: All I hope is that my bandsize won’t go down anymore because finding bras gets exponentially harder down here. Cup size is also going up much more than I would ever have expected.
Special events: I came out of hiatus and returned to write posts, some of which I’m really proud of. Also, the site is getting read and linked to from some pretty awesome places. Love it, and I’m so happy that my little CurvyHK child is getting seen. As of today, we’re at over 3,000 views from 63 different countries. Wow!

I hope 2012 has been exciting for everyone else, too. There is a lot planned for making 2013 a great one, both for me personally as well as for CurvyHK. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to hang out!

Have a great holiday season and see you next year!

An extra: put together an automated 2012 stat report for CurvyHK. Take a look at the complete report here. It has some fun information about where the views came from, how people got here and my top referrers. (Thanks to Boosaurus, Windiegardie and Bras I Hate for sending so many visitors my way!)

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2 thoughts on “2012, Through the Lens of My Bras

  1. windiegardie on said:

    This is a really great post! Makes me want to write something similar. Tracking your recent history by the bras you wear/wore/how you thought or think of them is really interesting 🙂

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