Asian-chested is not an oxymoron

Perspectives: Pain (None of) and Thanks

I accept, among other things, that I’m fairly large-busted. I denied this when people (family, friends) pointed it out through high school, deflecting “Sure I have a chest but I’m not that big.”

I did struggle with pain, a bit, but never fully realized that really really wanting to hold your boobs steady with your hands as you ran your weekly mile for gym class meant that they were in pain, in that many words. That, and not being really athletic, along with other factors, really came together to make me a person who could not run. (I still ran. Just… really embarrassingly slowly. I may be the only kid in America who worked her butt off to get a B in gym. Thank god for swimming and tumbling units.)

But pain from bouncing really only occurred when I ran (or jumped, but now all of that is gone because I have awesome bras now, whooo).

There are other kinds of pain that large busts contribute to, primarily shoulder and back pain.

I’m really grateful that, despite wearing completely wrong bra sizes for years, I have not experienced shoulder or back pain that could be linked to my bust. (Sometimes, I wonder why not, and then I go back to being happy that it didn’t happen.)


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