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Review: Contact with Affinitas

The night I received and tried on the Affinitas bras, I emailed Affinitas with a comment and two questions: First, oh wow thank you because these are amazing; second, since the Honey’s straps are removable and interchangeable, was the bra at all functional as a strapless; and third, would they please ever ever expand to making 28 bands because despite my feverish love for these two 30-back bras they’d fit me much better if in 28.

Of course, my language was slightly more formal and less stream-of-consciousness than that.

I thought my email was appropriately enthusiastic and friendly while polite and professional. I have to admit, though, that I was slightly disappointed with the reply–with the content a bit, but mostly with the writer.

First, from a professional point of view, the English was too imperfect. There were some very basic grammar errors that really should not happen in professional dialogue; yes, I’m sometimes particularly strict about language due to my field but these were things that bare-bones spellcheckers would have caught. Also, there was no punctuation. I’m okay with this in blogs, IMs, and text messages, but not in emails and printed material.

From a customer’s point of view, I didn’t read any friendliness in the reply. I was thanked (which is good) “for [my] interest” (which I think is bad; interest and interesting are in my opinion the most semantically and sentimentally empty words possible in professional and educational dialogue [unless interest refers to political ambitions in which case it is pretty heavy]); dude, I told you that I bought your product, please acknowledge my support and message with sincere thought), and my questions were curtly answered with a minimal number of words. I didn’t sense any reflection of my enthusiasm or any original enthusiasm from the representative for her own company.

To be fair, I’ve been pretty deeply imbued with fuzzy warm attitudes online and should not have assumed a company representative to be as friendly and inviting. Objectively, the representative answered my questions precisely (sorry guys, no 28 in sight; AT ALL. And no on Honey being strapless-able). Anyone else have experience talking to Affinitas or other brands?

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One thought on “Review: Contact with Affinitas

  1. ArgieBargie on said:

    I wrote to Playtex last month since I wore those for years and liked aspects of their bras. The reply started off with a nice but form-letter quality paragraph thanking me and saying they were delighted to hear from customers. The rep also said she would pass along my comments about wanting more (smaller) back sizes and larger cup sizes to their marketing department, and gave me a phone number to call if I wanted further assistance.

    So the response was professional and more than formulaic. However, they did end it with thank you Mr….. My name can be either male or female but still!

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