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Spoke Too Soon

Either that or I jinxed myself last time by saying that the eczema hadn’t come back since the first time. That’s right, she’s made a second appearance! Far from full-blown; it’s a mild outbreak (for now. *knocks on wood*). But it’s itchy and uncomfortable and not very pretty and more than enough to send me into a flying panic.

I have to say, though, I think that blogging here has done wonders for my self-perception and confidence. Yay, right?

In other news: I have been spending way too much time and money on ebay lately, but I’ll justify my splurges this year with the facts that I’ve gotten good quality stuff (upgrading my clothing with nicer blouses) that should last me relatively forever (yay awesome CDs and comic books, and for not having to pay rent yet).

Also, I finally scored a Deco! I’m really excited, although I feel really bad for the person I outbid.

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4 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon

  1. Have you tried taking benadryl or claritin or some other allergy medication? I’d already been using fragrance-free cleaners and trying to take anti-inflammatory foods but the allergy drugs were what really stopped the super itchy rash that I assumed was eczema.

    • I’ve tried taking medication (including benadryl) for hay fever when I was younger, and they honestly never did much for me. I have a funny relationship with drugs… for example, drowsy medicine leaves me wide awake. The eczema just crawled away after having its fun last time, so I figure I can just let it do that again, and try not to aggravate it in the meantime (unfun lukewarm showers, ice packs, super-moisturizing lotion, cleaner diet, etc). I will keep allergy medication in mind as another option, though.

  2. OK, I just thought I’d mention it because I was actually trying all the unfun things you mentioned as well as others and honestly just took the benadryl to help me get a full night’s sleep. It was an unexpected and welcome side effect that the extreme itchiness stopped and the rash went away (much more quickly than the petering away that it eventually did in previous cases). Up to that point, I was almost ready to do a full month-long elimination diet in hopes of identifying a trigger. Environmental factors hadn’t really seem to change for me and I eat fairly healthy food so I was thinking I’ve developed a sensitivity to something like wheat or eggs or dairy.

    • Oh, no, I love getting advice. (And thank you for it!) It makes me feel loved. πŸ™‚ I’ve considered doing an elimination diet too but I’m a total wimp at long-term projects…

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