Asian-chested is not an oxymoron


And she’s alive!!

I’m going to be honest here.

A big reason for my absence is laziness.

Another is lack of inspiration, lack of interest, and lack of willpower to sit down and type about bras. I’ve exhausted a lot of what I’ve wanted to talk about.

Another is an overwhelming backlog of “oh I should write about and publish this” ideas. The problem is, they’re only ideas and I’m unable, or unwilling, to flesh them out into legitimate pieces of writing.

Another is that I’ve just seen so many good things, so many new and informative things come from fellow bloggers that I don’t feel that my contributions are really all that necessary.


So, for laziness, well, that’s just something I’ve got to work through.

As for this lack of willpower, that’s actually something I should be writing about. I really have not been thinking about bras and how they pertain to my personal life, to my everyday actions and thoughts, and that’s a huge shift from just one year ago. I haven’t been paying attention and I think it’s really significant that I can and do simply go through life now without always thinking about bras and breasts. Of course, there’s still a huge part in my life for body image, especially considering how I work with supremely image-conscious students and colleagues now.

The backlog is a legitimate problem. I have little sparks of hmm, I could write about this, but for other reasons, I don’t write about them, and as time passes, the potential for them to be relevant and helpful and appealing for me to write really just slides away.

And the other bloggers being fantastic? That’s just a good thing. I think I have a shot as being good too! And then I remind myself that I have something unique to contribute as well, and it’s right in the name: CurvyHK. Power to those who are victimized by stereotype! Let’s get this blog going again ❤

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