Asian-chested is not an oxymoron

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Happy New Year

This blog is not one of those that you check your schedule to see, “Hey, it’s Monday! Let’s go check out CHK’s new post.” It’s one of those that keep information up so that people can find me through search engines when they want specific information. I may not have intended it to be this way, but I’ve built this system to work.

(The above is just something that I’m trying to keep in mind for myself.)

Honestly, I don’t have the passion or expertise to blog regularly. And I only want to write when I have both.

That’s what I’m going to do!

That means that I may step a bit away from bras and breasts. The name of this site is CurvyHK, not Bras from That Girl. What I write should be what’s relevant and what’s current to me, as a woman, as a Chinese-American, as a person who’s in the life situation that I am now. (And just for the record–it’s a darn good life situation.)

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