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Discovery: Spokesperson

I’ve written about George Takei before, and he’s back again with a less jokey bit of outreach. Recently, he’s reposted a video highlighting the struggles that large-busted women face. His page reaches a really big audience, so I’m hopeful that it will inspire more people to check out bra-fitting and having empathy for those of us who have to wear bras!

Laser Hair Removal 1.5

It’s been a bit over two weeks since my first appointment. Many of the online sources I found for aftercare prescribed aloe vera gel and sunburn care, but I was lazy and did none of those. My doctor suggested no exercise for a week, and I participated in an Ultimate Frisbee beach weekend three days after the appointment.

I’m usually much better at listening to authority, promise.

For the first week, it really seemed like there was no difference. The hair was just there! Didn’t feel any different, didn’t look any sparser. In the past week, though, the hair’s just been falling out! A scrub in the shower just shook a bunch off. I want to say that about 20% of the hair is still down there, if even that. The doctor quoted an average of 70% hair off with 5 visits, so the hair that has come out so far might grow back. I’ll let you know. Underarms have changed significantly less, but I scrub those areas much less in the shower. Tickle reasons.

A Jab at Personal Blogging: The Antelope Blog

CurvyHK is my platform for discussing the intersection of Curvy and HK, and my revelations about physical health, body image, and beauty that have stemmed from studying that intersection.

Then it got deep and personal. Really personal.

Which was great for me, because it helped me identify and confront my thoughts. But it wasn’t great for what I had planned for this website. So here’s the separation.

I’ve moved all of my too-personal posts from CurvyHK over to my new personal blog, The Antelope Blog. I haven’t made it pretty and presentable with images yet, but that’s my new venue for introspective and lifey things. Such as… my engagement!

Hope to see you lovely readers there~

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