Asian-chested is not an oxymoron


Physical stores (Here are my reviews of stores I’ve visited myself) : Check reviews to see which stores offer accurate and comfortable bra fittings and a decent range of bra sizes.

Where to buy bras:

  • : This is my go-to, since I know my size and how to work with it. As with all ebay purchases, look out for your potential seller’s history, reviews, and other offerings. Expand the range of your search by enabling worldwide results.
  • : Search by sizes and keep an eye out for sales.
  • : Check for sales, and for free shipping/returns deals.
  • Flash sites for new moms : I’ve found sales on Zulily, Totsy and other sites that are marketed towards new families. Their items are usually concentrated on maternity items, childrens’ clothes and toys and household items, but sometimes they’ll offer fashion and intimates as well. Keep an eye on shipping cost and time. I’ve seen brands such as Curvy Kate, Affinitas and Elomi on these flash sites. Sizes sell out fast, though.
  • (Recommended by Thin and Curvy (she describes each site here))

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