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Breast Reduction

Many months ago, a reader contacted me through email. She’s a fantastic woman and we’ve talked about a variety of things, but one thing that I wanted to bring to more peoples’ attention (with her permission) was her successful breast reduction! So, first of all, congratulations to fettucine_alfredo to taking that amazing step! I told her that it was braver than anything I’ve ever done but the woman is not taking her due credit so please back me up here!

She didn’t stop at the surgery, though. She decided to create a resource for others making the same decision (especially for large busts on a small frame, as there’s not much information for that surgery on that body type now) and wrote a review about her experience. Read it here:   (It’s NSFW, btw; you probably don’t want to click on that in the library)

The review covers a bit of her personal history, her decision process, a little bit about insurance, and then the surgery itself and updates of her condition at various points afterwards.

If you are considering the surgery, have a friend or family member thinking about it, are curious about the process, or if you’re even just looking for something good to read, I highly recommend it.

Perspectives: Modesty on the Other Side

I’ve been in Korea for a while now. I love it, I’m making it my home, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here, however long it may be.

As I’ve grown up in a version of Chinese culture, the culture shock to me is not as great as it is to some of my fellow foreigners. There are still lots of ideas and habits here that are totally strange to me though.

Korea is a fairly conservative culture, thanks in most part, I think, to Confucian influence. However, if you look at their pop culture icons, or at the younger generation of children and adults, you’ll find tight clothing, sheer clothing, “artfully” ripped clothing, clothing that just has great “sexy” holes”, extremely short bottoms, you name it.

This is one of the most popular singing groups in recent weeks. Their image is sweet and innocent, the adorable "girls next door". Look at how much shoulder they show... and then look at how much leg they show. I don't mean to be judgmental, just surprised that this is perfectly acceptable and fits into their proposed image.

This is one of the most popular singing groups in recent weeks. Their image is sweet and innocent, the adorable “girls next door”. Look at how much shoulder they show… and then look at how much leg they show. I don’t mean to be judgmental; I’m just surprised that this is perfectly acceptable and fits into their proposed image.

However: beware if you are a normal citizen (or alien resident) parading around in the streets in a sleeveless top! Or if, who could imagine, a top that fits your shape instead of draping around it!

korean fashion cardigan fake two piece knit tops k517 Green-3Korean_Fashion_Large_Pentagon_Embellished_Loose_Sweater_with_Scarf

I googled “Korean fashion” and found these two tops to be most representative of what I see out and about these days. Long and drapey with safely concealed shoulders and zero cleavage.

Actually, it’s getting a bit colder, so there’s also this going on:

Yes, a jacket with short shorts or a miniskirt. I'm told this is also popular winter attire in Japan.

Yes, a jacket with short shorts or a miniskirt. I’m told this is also popular cold-weather attire in Japan.

Meanwhile, I’m stomping around with these risque tops that indicate the existence of breasts and shoulder skin (ooooh) and nice comfy jeans.

I'm so, so glad I went on a The Limited craze before coming to Korea. Even now it's almost all I wear to work.

I’m so, so glad I went on a The Limited craze before coming to Korea. Even now it’s almost all I wear to work. I also bought the one button-down that has ever worked for me at that store. Should have bought another…

With the weather cooling down, I throw on a sweater or jacket too, which helps with the shoulder bit of appeasing society… but I still like to have some space around my neck to breathe comfortably. We’ll just have to wait for scarf weather to come around!

Big Boob Meltdown

Infamous big boob problem: button-down shirts.

Unavoidable situation: ultra-formal interview.

Countdown to interview: nervous googling, unsuccessful shopping, major profanity, unbridled frustration and tears melting together into one giant hot mess.

I have a suit that is pretty fantastic and fits me well. I got the sleeves tailored a few days ago, but put off figuring out the clothes underneath until two days pre-interview because I was busy, you know, working the job that I do have now. It’s my first skirt suit (and I will never understand why it’s more conservative to walk around pants-less) and the super-high waist of the skirt was really awkward at first but now I’m used to it.

But holy shit, how am I supposed to dress underneath without looking like
I got run over by the distressed wrinkle monster;
b) I am all boob and nothing else;
c) I am tent, hear me swim;
I am balloon, watch me float;
e) I am being asphyxiated by my own clothing;
or f) all of the above plus some??

If I size down, I gape through the top buttons and destroy all semblance of being in a piece of shaped clothing when I lift my arms.

If I size up, I gape through the bottom buttons and destroy all semblance of being in a piece of shaped clothing when I lift my arms.

In both cases, the shirt folds in under my bust in the most amazing display of awkwardness since ever, and tucked-ness goes straight to hell if I move a muscle. Also, I can basically fit another person on my back in my shirt. All the shirts.

Because it’s fun to have my nerves played with by unwieldy clothing rather than making myself the best interviewee for the job, right? RIGHT?

(I am now home from this interview, and I’m having no luck trying to calm down about it. I’m thinking about giving myself some temporal leeway with this blog just to ease off on self-pressuring for a while, but I wanted to get this post out and away first.)

Discoveries | Discovery: Blog Post and reddit’s A Bra That Fits

A new post category: yippee! Discovery posts are worthy reads on the Internet (or, less likely, elsewhere). I have the fantastic fortune of having met the most intelligent and dorky friends in the world, so my Facebook is really full of great articles and funny videos. They won’t often have an obvious link to lingerie, lady-ness-ing, or Asian American identity crises but I’ll try to keep them relevant or write some response that ties it to elseness on CurvyHK. No promises though! 🙂

Other times, they will be completely within the topic that CurvyHK normally covers and, likely, are already well-circulated or well-known in the bra-blogging community, but I want to give them another mention and bookmark it on my own space anyway! The first two discoveries fall into this category. Woot!

The first discovery is of a post on A Sophisticated Pair. What makes this special and extra strong is that it’s the father’s (Jason) perspective on the transformation that his daughter (Erica), the blog owner, went through.

Here is the link:

He serves as a fantastic example of how guys can be completely (and less awkwardly) supportive of the women in their lives. The experiences he shares make it so clear that he loves and cares for his children so very, very much. He’s funny, and honest, too. The gem of information is his explanation about what it means for guys to be clueless, and his advice to those guys on how to be less clueless. Props! (I want to add a ‘dude’ but can’t decide if it works.)

The second discovery is of a big and supportive bra-fitting community on,! I came across it when Boosaurus introduced my blog to someone who needed an Asian perspective on bra horror. I knew that some people spend their lives on reddit, but I had never really paid attention to it. I explored the ABraThatFits subreddit and two that were linked on a sidebar: BodyAcceptance, BigBoobProblems. And then I found out Joss Whedon had visited reddit and spent the next hour reading the threads he’d commented.

Er, back on track: These subreddits are carefully monitored and the moderators do an excellent job of maintaining positive and welcoming communities. Posters ask zillions of questions, zillions of sincere people give their input, and they follow up and are nice about it and everyone commiserates and it’s a cool place to hang out and for the first time in my life I’m not sure how to keep this run-on going longer. Darn. I’m losing my touch.

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