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Perspectives: My Perfect Bra

With December and all its gift-giving connotations well underway, bloggers and retailers have been pulling out their year-end wishlists. What kind of presents would we like to receive? What kind of discounts can we treat our customers to?

My take will be this: what would my dream bra be like?

  1. No cleavage.
    I do not like cleavage. As in, on myself. I don’t mind your cleavage, or her cleavage (his cleavage is a little strange but sure okay if he likes it). I despise having cleavage on my own self though. My dream bra would be great at separating. (Yes to lift but no to lifting up to my chin!) I think my Curvy Kate Romance is pretty close to ideal for this point.
  2. Close straps.
    I just want these things to perch less precariously atop my shoulders!
  3. Dangly pretties on the gore or straps.
    Just because they’re pretty. Just because. I always have fun with those little metal charms. Gore or straps, though, not both; that would be overkill.
  4. High gore.
    Goes with the no cleavage preference, I guess, but it’s also a matter of comfort. I just like it.
  5. Low underwires on the inside.
    A bit contradictory with the last point, but I do have trouble with pokey underwires against my sternum. I always have to push the underwires back out (especially on my Panache Ariza; it actually gave me a bruise and tried to break the skin once–ouch!).
  6. Indestructible underwires.
    I’ve never had underwires get very noticeably maldeformed but I’ve inherited the paranoia. It’d also be really, really fun to go around saying “Duuude my underwires are indestructible!”. Well, somewhere where saying something like that is normal, because otherwise I’d sound high off of something.

    Just like this. Just. Like. This.

  7. Lining!
    Definitely want lining and minimal padding. The stuff is just comfortable!
  8. Seamless.
    Don’t want these to show under my shirts!
  9. Three hooks.
    I’m theorizing that my Curvy Kate band has not stretched out at all because it has three hooks. It’s only a theory because I have no other three-hooked bras. Also, you get a slightly bigger sense of accomplishment when you get that third hook in behind you. Or maybe it’s just me.
  10. Unaging material.
    This is where the dream is truly a dream. If only material could be soft and strong and comfy and still NEVER STRETCH OR TEAR. (Yeah… I’ve torn wing material before… oops. Hey, has anyone ever tried titanium reinforcement?)

    Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s stone, guys. Immortality and all that sweetness.

  11. Availability.
    And of course, it’d be affordable and available to purchase in normal-people stores like Target or JC Penneys. Because then, with dream bra in hand, I can wander off to look at books and video games and sneakers. Does this really have to be only in my dreams?

What’s your dream bra?

Review: Curvy Kate Romance

I lie! My Curvy Kate is a 28FF. My new GG bras (so excited even though they’re definitely not shipping for at least another week) should have plenty of room. I hope.

I bought this on ebay (and got free shipping by signing up for bratabase!).The sweetheart who sold it to me found it too small in the cups.

It’s really pretty (although Mom proclaims that this, like most of my well-fitting bras “is so thin!!” in reference to the material) with gold embroidery on black mesh. The band is the most comfortable that I’ve tried; a 28 back with three hooks. I think the three hookedness is contributing a lot to how good it feels. I wish more of my bras had three hooks so I could confirm this! The problem is that I’m getting some quadraboob action if my shoulders tip back at all, already when I first tried it and especially now. Can’t I just push my chest down to hide the quadraboob or something? 😦

(Maybe if I TAPE down the quadraboob with duct tape… I can almost hear the agonized admonitions of bra bloggers worldwide at that idea :P)

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