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Wishful Thinking

I’ve been working on noticing the kinds of clothes that look good on me, and how garment fit works in general. Although my progress is slow and not very steady, I like to think that I’m learning something.

For example, I know that even if it were in stock and stocked in my size, this dress, adorable as it may be, would look very very different on me than on this model:

ASOS Bunny DressIt sucks that I like it so much and that I actually think I’d look good in it (two things that don’t often happen, especially with a dress), but I’m realizing just looking at the design of the dress that the upwards-pointing waist would wrap under my breasts in a very “HERE WE ARE” way, probably east-westing them, which would add to pulling that middle slit even farther apart. Nope, we’re done window-shopping this dress. (But aww bunnies, right?)

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