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Review: Jusco in Megabox/ HK in general

In Megabox’s Jusco (Hong Kong; end of the line on light bus #48; alternatively, free shuttle between Megabox and Telford Plaza(Kowloon Bay MTR)), I asked for 32DD, 32E. They stocked no lower than 34s; the saleslady gave me 34C and 34Ds and showed me the fitting room (she wasn’t pushy, but I was a pushover), saying “These are the same. Trust me.” Of course, they weren’t, and of course, I didn’t buy anything, but that’s the experience.

My impression of Hong Kong bras in general–they have plenty of lingerie stores (I saw numerous Wacoal and Triumph specific retailers, among others, although I think those two are actually under Japanese companies) but I doubt they carry a proper range; Marks and Spencer, the British department brand, makes 28 bands but the HK stores only carry down to 32 at best, and of course those are only A. Popped into lingerie stores whenever we happened to pass one to ask if they carried 32DDs, popped right back out when they said, “What? Uh, no.” with that confused, I-don’t-know-what-you’re-asking expression. I wonder what would happen if I went in now to ask for my current, even more “outlandish” size! (On my next visit to HK, maybe I will! It’ll be fun.)

I didn’t make a point of asking for fittings, but since HK is known for their pushy pushy salespeople, I fully expect that they’ll size you in whatever they have in stock.

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