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Review: Basic Five Toes by Tabbisocks

These fit women’s 6-10 according to SockDreams, so I do fall out of the range by half a shoe size (again! but then, when do I not?). There is indeed some extra material sticking out of the heel but it’s negligible.

(Not my feet)

They’re very comfortable, although not as much so as the Injinji especially in terms of material. They are lower-coverage, though, so these actually pass as no-show in more shoe designs. The toe compartments seem to fit a little better than Injinji, size-wise.

Image from SockDreams

The sticker says US 5-10, but because of the extra material I’m inclined to believe Sock Dreams’ judgment. There’s also materials information on there as well.


Here’s another point for SockDreams: When I first looked at these socks, they were out of stock. However, right there on the page was a box offering email notification if/when that sock came back, whether in a specific size/color or just in general. No registration necessary, just the email to which the notification needed to be sent. Sure enough, I got an email as soon as it came back in stock! This is definitely a great way to help customers and to encourage well-deserved loyalty.

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