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Discovery: Emergency Compliment

Just a cute site to help pick you up on those days that you need an extra smile!

Bright colors, adorable compliments generated by a computer, and the knowledge that you have the sense to actively try to make yourself feel better; the website is simple but delivers what it needs to.

Visit it at!

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2 thoughts on “Discovery: Emergency Compliment

  1. OMGz! I figured I’d just click on the link just for yucks though I don’t really need a pick me up. However, the site did its job just right.

    It said “People at trivia night are terrified of you.” I’m LMAO right now because I’m barred from playing any trivia game with my friends especially Trivial Pursuit because I always win, quickly too.

    Total quirk and coincidence. The universe has funny ways about things.

    TY cuz that link has just made my day. =D

  2. Ha, this is really cute!

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